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Use this search engine to find a California high school, program, or community college's UC certified course list.

All listed courses are certified as fulfilling the "a-g" subject requirements for freshman admission to the University of California. The course list indicates UC certified honors courses and Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses.

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High Schools, Programs, and Community Colleges
You can search for schools, programs, and community colleges by name, ATP code, and geographic location. Then select any school, program, or community college to display its course list.

School Districts
You can search for school districts and their associated schools. Then select any school to display its course list.

Sample Courses
You can search for sample courses by any or all of the subject areas. Then select any course title to display the corresponding course outline.

Course Titles
You can search for course titles by keywords, subject areas, and other criteria across all schools and programs. Then select any course title to display the school(s) or program(s) offering that course.

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